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The discreet email is one of the most potent arrows in the quiver of a marketing and sales team. When social media software is fast losing its credibility, and influencer marketing not applicable in many scenarios, especially the B2B segment, companies pay more attention to email marketing.

The current market scenario, according to Smart Insights’ March 2021 Survey, overall industry-wise email open rates were close to 17%.

Another survey, by Campaign Monitor, states that industry average click-through rates are at 2.6%, and click-to-open rates are at an impressive 14.1%. The same survey also ascribes that email unsubscribe rate is a mere 0.1%, indicating once people sign-up for a newsletter or promotional content, they tend to get invested.

To understand why some email-campaigns work and many don’t, you must know the right things to do, and gaffes to avoid.

The age-old principles of good communication apply to all email marketing companies as well, albeit with some adaptations. Remember, you are selling your story as the most reliable, convincing, and beneficial for the person who would read email!

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