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5 Best Airtable Courses For Beginners

Airtable is a collaborative SaaS platform with a spreadsheet interface based on relational database code. It is an easy-to-use online platform for creating and sharing relational databases.  

In simple words, it is a relational database tool as well as an online collaboration tool. Airtable is helpful to view your records while creating multiple views for each table in the database. You can use it to manage work, track and organize inventory, plan events, and more.

Since Airtable acts more like a database than a spreadsheet, it is flexible enough that users can link all kinds of data together and establish useful relationships between them.

Keeping this in mind, here at Coursesity, we have curated some of the Best Online Airtable Courses with certification. Hope that you will find the best course for you to learn how to work with records, tables, and fields like a professional.

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Top Airtable Courses List

  1. Airtable for Entrepreneurs Tutorial

  2. Learning Airtable Online Class

  3. Airtable – The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Course

  4. The Airtable Academy

  5. Airtable Ultimate Course

The ultimate guide to online business databases.

Course rating: 4.6 out of 5.0 ( 297 Ratings total)

Duration: 1 h 5 m

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course, you will :

  • Create an interactive and public database capable of running their own small business.
  • Analyze their data using sorting, filters, grouping, and formulas.
  • Feel comfortable operating Airtable from both desktop and mobile.

This Airtable course will walk you through step by step, from setting up your account to having a full-fledged database that can run a small business. Learning Airtable is an essential skill as it is the most flexible and responsive database program around right now.

With limited technical skills, you can avoid thousands of dollars buying a clunky and expensive system. And you’ll have the control to do what you want.

You can take Airtable for Entrepreneurs Tutorial certification course on Udemy.

Learn Airtable from scratch, including how to create tables, use different types of fields, leverage views, work with records, link tables, and more.

Course rating: 3,014 total enrollments

Duration: 1 h 34 m

Certificate: Certificate on completion

The course includes:

  • Getting Started with Airtable
  • Working with Fields
  • Working with Records
  • Working with Views
  • Linked Records

Initially, you will learn how to list fields, attachment fields, and formula fields. The Airtable course demonstrates how to work with records, including how to import external records; how to create, edit, and delete records; how to filter records; and how to sort and group records.

Airtable gives you several different ways to view your data, and Scott walks through all the view options: Calendar, Gallery, Kanban, and Form views. You will also learn how to link tables and how to incorporate lookup fields. Finally, the course offers recommendations for how to continue learning more about Airtable.

You can take the Learning Airtable Online Class certification course on LinkedIn Learning.

Learn Airtable step by step and build a database for any project or business.

Course rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 ( 77 Ratings total)

Duration: 2 h

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course, you will :

  • Learn Airtable basics to advanced functionality.
  • Build Airtable project from scratch.
  • Become an Airtable expert quickly.
  • Make new tables and linking records.
  • Customize tables, records, and fields.
  • Collaboration using Airtable.

This Airtable course will walk you through every step of creating your own Airtable database using a real-life example and gain a deep understanding of Airtable’s functionality by using hands-on, contextual examples designed to showcase why Airtable is awesome and how you can use it within your business.

Next, you will learn how to easily build Airtable databases from scratch for your business and import and transform data in Airtable like a professional. The course will show you how you can comfortably use all Airtable field types and create formulas to automate tasks.

In addition, you will understand all Airtable Views and how to use them. The course will also show you how to perform advanced functions such as Linking tables, filtering, sorting, and grouping.

You can take Airtable – The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Course certification course on Udemy.

Learn Airtable from scratch and elevate your projects to the next level.

Course rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 ( 172 Ratings total)

Duration: 1 h 5 m

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course, you will :

  • Solve everything data-related with Airtable – with practical examples.
  • Unleash the power of Airtable.
  • Set up your database and link records together.
  • Build an interactive database for your business or private project.
  • Automate your workflows with Airtable and Zapier.

This Airtable course will help you to understand how flexible Airtable is and you can take base your work on these solutions instead of starting from scratch. You will learn how to create one single source of truth instead of tons of Excel-Files.

Plus, you will learn how to stop manual monkey work and create automated workflows and start managing your project instead of managing your data.

You can take The Airtable Academy certification course on Udemy.

Everything you need to know about Airtable.

Course rating: 4 out of 5.0 ( 45 Ratings total)

Duration: 4 h 5 m

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course, you will :

  • Learn to Manage Projects like a pro with Airtable.
  • Setup an Airtable Account.
  • Learn Airtable Workspaces.
  • Understand Airtable Account settings and Airtable templates.
  • Learn Airtable by doing a course production project.

Initially, you will cover everything you need to know about Airtable from scratch and start building projects like an expert. Next, you will learn all the fundamentals of Airtable and how you can use them to build the structure of a project.

Plus, you will learn how to create a workspace and add a base with a template social media calendar.

You can take the Airtable Ultimate Course certification course on Udemy.

Hey! We hope you have found these Online Airtable Courses with the certification list helpful and intriguing. Since you’ve made it this far then certainly you are willing to learn more and here at Coursesity, it is our duty to enlighten people with knowledge on topics they are willing to learn.

Here are some more topics that we think will be interesting for you!

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