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11 Best Economics Courses & Certification

The Best Economics Courses & Certification online for beginners to learn Economics in 2021.

Economics is a social science that looks at how people interact with values, in a particular proportion, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Economics engages in many other fields, including politics, geography, mathematics, sociology, psychology, engineering, law, medicine, and economics.

Precisely, it is the study of scarcity and its impact on the use of resources in the production of goods and services, the growth and production of wealth over time, and a host of other complex issues vital to society.

Keeping this in mind, here at Coursesity, we have curated some of the Best Online Economics courses with certification. Hope that you will find the best Economics course for you to learn how people use resources and respond to incentives.

Top Economics Courses & Certification List

  1. The Most Comprehensive (57 hrs! ) Economics Course (Diploma)

  2. Introduction to Economic Theories

  3. Economics: Mastering Microeconomics 101

  4. Financial Markets

  5. Understanding Macroeconomics for University and Business

  6. Economics for Everyone: Understanding a Recession Online Class

  7. Principles of Economics

  8. The Data Science of Economics, Banking, and Finance, with Barton Poulson Online Class

  9. AP® Microeconomics

  10. Agriculture, Economics and Nature – Online Course – FutureLearn

  11. The Economics and Politicians – Online Course – FutureLearn

Oxford Diploma in Economics: Discussions on India, USA, Australia, S. Africa, Islam, and Economics.

Course rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 ( 896 Ratings total)

Duration: 56 h 5 m

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course, you will learn:

  • Trumponomics vs Bidenomics.
  • by focusing on individual countries (eg. USA, UK, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, India, Italy, South Africa).
  • analysis of global topics including climate change, peak oil theory, economic growth, the economics of veganism.
  • analysis of pro-Brexit economic arguments.
  • the economic legacy of Theresa May (UK Prime Minister who has just resigned).
  • understand the EU Elections, Economics, and decluttering.
  • USA Economy as of April 2020/1 and Business Economics English.
  • climate change and Economics.
  • basics of micro and macro Economics.
  • Trumponomics and Corbynomics.

This course includes the Oxford Diploma. Here, you will learn from twenty courses ranging from Business Economics English to Economics of countries such as the USA, UK, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, India, Italy, South Africa, etc.

You can take The Most Comprehensive (57 hrs! ) Economics Course (Diploma) certification course on Udemy.

Learn Introduction to Economic Theories from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Wondering why economists have not predicted serious financial crises?

Course rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 ( 224 Ratings total)

Duration: 41 h

Certificate: Certificate on purchase

The course includes:

  • Introduction to Pluralist Economics
  • Micro Economics: Individuals, Households, and Consumers
  • Micro Economics: Firms and Markets
  • Micro Economics: The state
  • Micro Economics: Factor Markets
  • Macro Economics: Real and Monetary Economy
  • Macro Economics: Growth and Trade
  • Macro Economics: Nature and Wellbeing & Poverty

This course teaches economics from a pluralist perspective. Economic pluralism means that a plurality of theoretical and methodological viewpoints is regarded as valuable in itself and is simply the best way in which economics can make progress in understanding the world.

This Economics class will introduce you to four very different economic theories for the whole set of standard topics in microeconomics and macroeconomics. The theories are presented every time from broad and more interdisciplinary to narrow and more mathematical.

The four theories that you will learn are Social Economics, Institutional Economics, Post Keynesian economics, and, at the very end of each topic, Neoclassical Economics, for the special case of ideally functioning markets.

But not everything is different in this course. Like every economics course, it includes numbers, diagrams, tables, equations, and some calculations.

You can take Introduction to Economic Theories certification course on Coursera.

Comprehensive study aid for anyone studying economics.

Course rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 ( 364 Ratings total)

Duration: 9 h

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course, you will learn:

  • key foundation concepts and definitions.
  • how investing in capital leads to economic growth.
  • how prices are determined by markets.
  • anticipating market outcomes.
  • analyzing productivity.
  • all the important graphs in foundation microeconomics.
  • how consumers make purchasing decisions.
  • the laws of demand and supply.
  • how to visually illustrate economic growth.

This Economics course covers the important foundation concepts in microeconomics necessary for application in more advanced models. Principles and theories discussed in this course can also be applied in real-life decision-making.

All the important theories, models, graphs, and laws are discussed using high-quality sound and animation.

You can take Economics: Mastering Microeconomics 101 certification course on Udemy.

Learn Financial Markets from Yale University.

Course rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 ( 18,738 Ratings total)

Duration: 33 h

Certificate: Certificate on purchase

The course includes:

  • Behavioral Finance
  • Financial Markets
  • Finance
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Recessions, Bubbles, Mortgage Crisis, and Regulation.

Initially, you will learn the basics of financial markets, insurance, and CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model) which will act as a foundation of this Economics class. You will dive into some details of behavioral finance, forecasting, pricing, debt, and inflation.

Next, you will understand stocks, bonds, dividends, shares, market caps along with corporation basics and some basic financial markets history. You will also learn some important components of financial markets such as options and bond markets.

Finally, you will learn investment banking, underwriting processes, brokers, dealers, exchanges, and innovations in financial markets.

You can take a Financial Markets certification course on Coursera.

Explaining the economics of fiscal policy, money creation, and monetary policy.

Course rating: 4.6 out of 5.0 ( 879 Ratings total)

Duration: 2 h 5 m

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course, you will learn:

  • macroeconomics and economic policy-making.
  • making business decisions informed by knowledge of the state of the macroeconomy.

This Economics course will help you understand questions such as: Why does the government engage in expansionary fiscal policy? What is the motivation behind reducing taxes? What are the implications of a drop in interest rates? What determines the money supply?

By the end of this course, you will be able to better understand how macroeconomic events impact your life and can make better-informed decisions.

You can take Understanding Macroeconomics for University and Business certification course on Udemy.

Learn how recessions impact industries, jobs, investments, and companies. Find out what can be done when economic downturns impact workers, consumers, financial markets, and more.

Course rating: 50,908 total enrollments

Duration: 36 m

Certificate: Certificate on completion

The course includes:

  • Job Impacts
  • Economic Impacts
  • Financial Market Impacts
  • Ending a Recession

This Economics class describes an economy in recession, how recessions impact various industries, personal and business strategies to counter recession risks, and the drivers that bring an economy out of recession.

It covers how recessions impact jobs, industries, and financial markets. The course then discusses consumer spending, real estate, stocks, interest rates, business strategy, and investments.

Plus, it also shares what he considers to be the number one rule for workers to keep in mind.

You can take Economics for Everyone: Understanding a Recession Online Class certification course on LinkedIn Learning.

This course is designed as an introduction to the study of economics. Participants will be exposed to the economic way of thinking and learn about the functioning of a modern market economy.

Duration: 50 h

Certificate: Certificate on completion

The course includes:

  • The Supply and Demand Model
  • The Competitive Equilibrium Model
  • Firms and Industries Changing Over Time
  • Deviations from Competition
  • Labor Markets
  • Key Economic Policy Issues
  • Financial and Capital Markets
  • Macro Facts and Measures
  • Long & Short Run Macro
  • Macro-Policy Issues
  • International Economic Issues

Initially, the course focuses on microeconomic analysis including the behavior of consumers and firms. It analyzes markets for goods and services and policy choices that affect these markets.

Plus, you will move on to macroeconomic concepts such as national production, employment, inflation, and interest rates. The course explores models that determine long-run growth and short-term fluctuations in national economies. It then discusses the role of government regulation, monetary policy, and fiscal policy.

You can take the Principles of Economics certification course on Edx.

Find out how data science is changing economics, banking, and finance: everything from how stocks are traded to how loans are approved.

Course rating : 35,227 total enrollments

Duration: 1 h

Certificate: Certificate on completion

The course includes:

  • Applying Data Science
  • Data science and money
  • Algorithmic and human-in-the-loop trading
  • Automated application reviews for loans and credit
  • Real-time fraud detection
  • Social media and economics
  • Data science and cryptocurrencies
  • New methods for analyzing trends
  • Correlation and causality in economic data
  • Ethical and technical challenges and possibilities

In this Economics course, find out how algorithms, automation, big data applications, and machine learning are changing the nature of economics, banking, and finance. This class provides a non-technical overview of both the successful and problematic applications of data science to these fields.

Learn how data science affects the way stocks are bought and sold, how loan applications are processed, and even how fraud is detected now that financial information is exchanged online at such a massive scale.

Discover how social media influences economic trends, and why data scientists need to be especially careful to keep ethics in mind and false assumptions in check when dealing with financial data.

You can take The Data Science of Economics, Banking, and Finance, with Barton Poulson Online Class certification course on LinkedIn Learning.

An overview of introductory microeconomics. Learn the key principles of economics and how to apply them to the real world – and the AP® exam!

Course rating : 63,582 total enrollments

Duration: 36 h

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course, you will learn how:

  • consumers make decisions to maximize happiness.
  • firms make decisions to maximize profit.
  • the structure of a market affects economic efficiency.
  • markets fail and what is the role of government to respond to these failures.
  • strike the balance between economic efficiency and fairness.

This economics course is an introduction to basic microeconomic principles. You will learn how individuals make decisions ranging from what type of goods to buy to how many hours to work, and how firms make decisions ranging from how many workers to hire to what prices to charge.

Plus, you will study how to evaluate economic outcomes from the perspective of efficiency and fairness, and discuss the proper role of the government in determining these outcomes.

You can take the AP® Microeconomics certification course on Edx.

Discover agricultural economics and learn how to use economics to make better agricultural decisions with this free course from the University of Western Australia.

Course rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 ( 208 Ratings total)

Duration: 18 h

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course you will learn:

  • history of agricultural production and prices, an examination into the reasons behind changes in production and prices.
  • how to develop an understanding of water availability, peak phosphorus, herbicide resistance, and climate change.
  • relationship between inputs and outputs, the optimal level of an input, the question of pollution from inputs, and flat payoff functions.
  • evaluating land conservation practices, weighing benefits and costs correctly and non-economic factors.

Here, you will explore key economic principles that will help you to make sense of the changes that have occurred in agriculture and understand why different agricultural economic decisions have been made.

You will cover subjects like agricultural production methods, input levels, resource conservation, and sustainable agricultural production, as you consider how improved economic thinking can positively impact these areas.

You can take Agricultural Economics – Online Course – FutureLearn certification course on Futurelearn.

Investigate links between economics and politicians with Sir Vince Cable and leading economists at the University of Nottingham.

Course rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 ( 115 Ratings total)

Duration: 9 h

Certificate: Certificate on purchase

In this course you will learn how to:

  • investigate policymaking in a historical context.
  • apply economic tools to policy-relevant questions.
  • discuss the relationship between politics and economics.
  • identify and use assets (images, video, quizzes, etc.) within learning resources.
  • develop analytical skills and an understanding of how economic theory guides policy choices.

How does economics impact politicians? And how do politicians impact economics? Here, you will study both contemporary economics and the political leaders who have put key economic theories into practice throughout history.

You can take the Linking Politics and Economics – Online Course certification course on Futurelearn.

Hey! We hope you have found this Online Economics Courses with certification list helpful and intriguing. Since you’ve made it this far then certainly you are willing to learn more and here at Coursesity, it is our duty to enlighten people with knowledge on topics they are willing to learn.

Here are some more topics that we think will be interesting for you!

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